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Enrichment Classes

In addition to the activity-rich school day, we offer evening and weekend enrichment classes in Russian and French language and culture Art, Music, and other enrichments to the children's education. The evening classes are designed to transition seamlessly from the preschool day to the enrichment class, so that instead of picking up your child at 6:15, you can simply pick them up at 7:15, for example.

Registration for enrichment classes is open both to children who are enrolled in the preschool as well as children who are not enrolled in the Preschool. Our language and culture classes are designed to be fun and effortless, and children of preschool age are able to pick it up much easier and more naturally than older children or adults. The focus of these classes will be to teach the languages through traditional songs, stories, and rhymes. Not only do these captivate the interest of the children, but they also educate the children in the culture behind these languages. It is a huge advantage to introduce children to foreign languages while their brain is actually forming the building blocks that allows them to differentiate sounds and make sounds through speech. Unless you are exposed to a language at a young age, it will be difficult to differentiate some sounds in other languages and to speak those sounds without an accent. This is because the ability to differentiate sounds is learned from the environment, and some languages have sounds that do not exist in other languages.

These classes are great for children who want to learn a foreign language and also for foreign children whose parents want the children to retain and not lose their native language and culture, which very frequently happens unless a child is consistently exposed to their native language.

To request a registration form or to request more information, please contact Elena at:

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